Stylist Live Event: What went on

I remember the faithful day when I saw the ad while scrolling through Instagram. Perhaps what is one of my favourite free magazines to read on the tube journey home was having an event?! Eeek!

Being what I like to describe as an empowering, fashion and beauty focused (magazine) STYLIST event, there was no way I was missing out on this. A three day event at the business design centre, costing £25 (cheaper if you were an early bird), with much value for your money, brilliant!

A ticket guaranteed you:

  1. Entrance to the overall event,
  2. Entry into one talk or workshop of your choice, AND
  3. A Swarovski trending catwalk show.
  4. Let’s not forget your free glass of Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur & Freixenet and  your STYLIST LIVE event bag. Love a useful freebie!

If you have ever been for London Fashion Weekend, you would have loved this event. Think LFW and a tad bit more!  Motivational, life and skill development talks or workshops for those who like the more hands-on approach! Numerous beauty, accessories and clothing stands to splurge on. All of this under one mahoosive roof (well, building).

For my talk session, I chose “How to make decisions with confidence”, which was presented by professional Life Coach, Dr Mandy Lehto. There were so many other talks I would have loved to attend, but you were guaranteed one talk and then first come first serve basis for any other(s). Ranging from talks about how to get on the property ladder, to how to turn your part time blog to a full time job and even workshops on coding!

Lets not forget the trending catwalk show hosted by Swarovski. In September I went for LFW and missed my runway show slot, devastated much! You can only imagine my excitement to get another opportunity to watch a runway show. Whats best about the Stylist catwalk though is everything the models wore were from high street shops, so if you liked anything, you knew it was easily accessible and most importantly…affordable.

 I have included some photos to share my experience. Also, my awesome Clarins mini freebies makeup bag (received post initial purchase. I think they are an awesome skincare brand personally). Just to add, in no way is this a sponsored mention. I truly do.

But without further ado, here’s what’s trending for A/W 2016. Thank me later!

Trend 1: Intergalactic

Trend 2: Velvet Goldmine

Trend 3: Sportswear

Trend 4: The Navy Coat

Trend 5: Spice World

I also hear that Stylist Live 2017 will be held at London Olympia for those looking to go!



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