10 Pointers on Managing and Accepting Change as an Expat

If you are an expat, consultant, international student, business traveller, travel enthusiast or just purely interested in hearing about other people’s experiences, then this ones for you.

In my last post I mentioned that work took its toll and I slacked off in other aspects of my life, blog included. I found myself living and working in multiple locations over the past two years; New York, Switzerland, Luxembourg, to name a few.

The number of times I’ve had people say. “You’re so lucky”, “OMG – that is amazing”…I would bet one in five people who read this would also say same.

But you’re wrong, for starters I am not Lucky (see Point 10 if you dare skip 1 to 9).

Jet d'eau

Geneva (TheLittleLushThings)

It is difficult managing the balance of your personal and work life. More so, when five days a week of it is spent, for varied (min 6 month) duration’s, living in a different country. Away from family, friends, hobbies, life conveniences, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife….most importantly YOUR haven. Truth is, no amount of comments like the above can compensate for the things you miss out on at home (living in a hotel is not lush in the long term) and the strain it puts on relationships (especially if married).

Put it this way, I travelled 3 times a week between three different countries, stayed in a hotel and worked long hours. It was tiring. I fell ill, had emotional down days and barely ever had time to focus on me, especially cause when I had down time I wanted to use zero brain power. I would fly home every Friday night, get stuck in traffic and spend what was meant to be my weekend, running errands and trying to rest for the following week.

Sounds draining doesn’t it? Read on.


New York (TheLittleLushThings)

What I have failed to mention is the immense growth I’ve seen, not only in my career, but in myself and the great people, places and things I’ve gotten to experience! So to counteract the negative outlook above, here are some pointers to survival till that (final) glorious trip home:

  • POINT 1: You become so devoted to your career that you gain a huge amount of skills. I have never been so confident in my self worth as an employee and individual! See this time as an investment in yourself.
  • POINT 2: You build amazing relationships and network connections which can be great for your career and potential future endeavours.
  • POINT 3: Foodie Heaven! If you are anything like me and enjoy going out to eat, you WILL BE SERVED. I have been to some of the most amazing restaurants during my time as an expat. Try out new cuisines!
  • POINT 4: Explore. I have taken some of the most beautiful scenic photos (some within this post) and selfies during my travels. There are so many beautiful picturesque places to see. Take pictures, build memories, see things you’ve never seen.
  • POINT 5: Exchange rate benefits, Duty Free and Air Miles. If you don’t mind saving a few while shopping, then this is a perk for you. Get every penny’s worth and stack up those miles. See you in the lounge!
  • POINT 6: New experiences. It is most likely a country you have never been to or that was on your bucket list. Tick off that travel location.
  • POINT 7: Your CV looks good-as-hell! Jet-setter! That’s a skill right? Everyone likes a flexible, adaptable employee.
  • POINT 8: Get family or friends to come visit. Free hotel anyone?
  • POINT 9: You most likely are having your expenses covered. Get to saving, even if it’s just your weekly petrol cost. Money looks so much better when its saved!
  • POINT 10: Why am I not Lucky? Because Luck just doesn’t cut it.

I am incredibly blessed and working my magic! And so should You!


Luxembourg (TheLittleLushThings)

I am incredibly blessed by my faith and work my magic through my hard work! My magic is what makes me unique, my magic is the hard work and time I put into developing myself and my ambition.

My magic is me.

Therefore, it isn’t luck, which suggests ‘by chance’. It’s magic ‘by choice’, by performance.

Every experience you have in a changing situation or circumstance is as a result of YOUR own magic!

More on ‘magic’ (and my current craze on it) to follow in my next post! Thanks for reading.



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