Taking back Control

I always find that my best ideas, motivation, thoughts, concerns, inspiration, to-do lists… spring to mind 30,000+ feet in the air. If only I was more proactive in noting these down.

My (3 x Weekly) Flight Routine:

1. Take off.

2. Headphones on.

3. Idea or thought comes to mind.

4. Zzz. Snooze.

Today, 33 000 feet high, I made a change to step 4. Hallelujah.

I started this blog way too long ago and I have to say I didn’t commit to it like I would have hoped. Tut.

My last post was about a trip to Paris and my experience while there. Since then I have found myself living (mostly working) in different countries and doing a lot of growing up.

Why on earth have I not been sharing? I hear my inner conscience scream.

I ask the most obvious question to myself. Work is demanding, life is demanding. I am losing control over my own life and losing time for other things I like to do.

And if you’re anything like me, you struggle with juggling it all. But I am seeking to make this minor change, as a first step to breaking out of my ‘usual’ routine and hopefully making major changes.

I find writing to be a nice escape from life’s daily demands and an opportunity to talk about things I would like to speak on (hopefully things others like to read about too).

So here we go…. Round 2. The Return of the Blog. Wish me luck!

Message of the day: You are in control of your own life. Stay Motivated, Self discipline.


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