I joined the Kale Klub!

You must have heard about it somehow now! The infamous Kale that everyone seems to be putting in practically everything they eat…or drink!

For those who don’t know. Lesson 101, Kale is a veggie (non veggie lovers don’t get turned off just yet)! Kale is packed with vitamins K, A and C, calcium, among other nutritious goodness. A major fact which many may love to hear is that it is fat free and low in calories (I honestly thought all veggies were but hey, I’m no nutritionist, merely sharing what I read myself). To find out more about Kale, click here.

So I’m no fan of vegetables. I have no problem eating them, but I’m not one to go out for a ‘salad’. I’d rather have my veggies cooked in some type of sauce or sauteed..don’t get me wrong I do appreciate a good salad and have settled for salads on rare occasions. Balsamic dressing is delish after all!

Putting aside all nutritional facts and all that jazz. Let’s jump right into the good stuff, which coincidentally involves the use of Kale and a particularly amazing electric machine which I’m so excited about. I find that these days I’m very much into healthy living and eating, way more than I was before, which for me is a big change. Hallelujah!

Right down from anti gravity yoga, to grabbing lunch at all the healthy hot spots and even trying to get into the healthy groove; running shoes, check, 7am run, WIP…hah 😉 As a result of the newly found me, I decided to indulge/give in to the kale hype. I figure if you’re not going to eat your veggies, might as well drink your veggies…right?

After trying a kale smoothie, I had to try making one for myself. Kale has a strong flavour, so if blending in with other fruits or vegetables, it is advisable to keep it to just a handful. Too much and you may end up with a bitter or should I say a strong tangy type taste in your smoothie, that honestly just takes all the fun away. I’ve done this, so I know. Keep it at a generous handful and you’re good.

You can blend your kale with any fruits or vegetables of your choice. Recipes for cooking kale and smoothie ideas can be found here. In my strive for a healthier life and to make the process slightly more convenient, I recently purchased a ‘mix and go’ smoothie maker by Russell Hobbs. There are various brands you can buy these in, simply search for ‘personal blenders’ on Google. I love it so much as it’s SO convenient! You basically blend your fruit and veg in the same container/bottle that you drink from. All you have to do is replace the blade with the bottle cover and you’re good to go! I love this, as it’s perfect for morning journeys to work and if you’re anything like me and barely have any time to fit in breakfast time saving techniques are always welcomed.

Blender and Bottle in One

Blender and Bottle in One

Russell Hobbs Mix and Go

My first Kale smoothie:

  • Curly Kale (generous handful, wash well)
  • Cucumbers
  • Nectarines
  • Blackberries
  • Apples, Oranges, grapes, strawberries and pineapple (ready made pack).
  • Ice
  • Half a lemon’s juice
Spot the Kale

Spot the Kale

Ready to Go

Shake it up and it’s Ready to Go

You can also buy prepacked frozen fruit, that will be more cost efficient and provide you with a nice variety of fruit. I’ve tried with frozen fruit packs and it tastes just as good.

On the plus side, you’re bound to be fulfilling your 5-a-day, no excuses!



2 thoughts on “I joined the Kale Klub!

  1. Don says:

    Wow awesome post! I think you and I both should thank Roland for the motivation and the healthy life style that he showed us 😉 GO ROOOOOLLLLAAAND 😀

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