National Lipstick day

Nothing beats coloured lips! These days I can barely stand my lips without a hint of colour!

So when I learnt it was National Lipstick Day, I figured it was a great excuse to put on colour’s I otherwise wouldn’t wear on a normal day to work…excited much! Yes, very much so that I’ve decided to write a blog post mid week (unusual, but this should really change).

What’s all the fuss behind the day? Well, we are celebrating 91 years of the lipstick tube. It is quite funny the history behind lipsticks, from being regarded as something used by only lower class women and prostitutes….to being such a statement look in modern day! I won’t give you a history lesson, but here is a link to an interesting article on National Lipstick Day and all it’s glory! Truly amusing!

There’s no better opportunity than the present to share my fave lipstick/lip gloss shades…

Lipstick Shades

Lipstick Shades

These have to be my 5 favourite lipsticks. One from each of our most treasured lipstick gangs; Red, Plum/Purple, Peach, Pink and Nude. Whenever I’m caught wearing lipstick, it’s most likely to be one of the above. See details below for each, listed in line with picture above:

Red- W7 Scarlet Fever! This lipstick is amazing, I kid you not, it lasts forever. I’ve been out with it too many times and whenever I pop to the loo to freshen up I NEVER need to top it up. It literally lasts the whole night. The most frustrating thing is having to constantly check your lipstick is still in place when you’re out just trying to enjoy yourself…if you are anything like me, I detest having to check my lips when out, I just want to have fun. If you’re into the more expensive brands, I’d vouch for the Russian Red MAC lipglass, ditch the Woo ladies!

Plum- Kate Rimmel 30! My new fave. It makes such a sultry mellow statement…I love it. The perfect substitute to your regular bold red lippy. See pictures below, I shared this look cause it’s That good 😉 I HAD too! Excuse the not so great pics!

Plum Plump

Plump Plum

Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect

Rimmel Kate 30

Rimmel Kate 30

Peach – Bourjois Color Boost 04 Peach on the Beach! This is actually my latest buy, I love this for an every day look. It’s so simple but gives the hint 0f colour I was talking about earlier. It has a nice moist feel on the lips and glides on nicely. Nothing like a regular lipstick, looks like a crayon but works just as great as a lipstick. If I’m correct this comes in three other colours (and yes I shall invest in another soon). It’s also quite new I believe, pop into Boots to grab one!

Pink- TopShop Clueless Lipstick ! Similar to the Bourjois, this comes as a crayon as well. It’s such a playful and bold shade of pink. Not for the faint hearted me dear! I was hunting for a Nicki Minaj type shade of pink so when I found this I could not resist. Mostly a weekend look!

Nude – L’Oreal 601 Nude ballet! For me this is the perfect nude shade with just the right amount of gloss. Picking the right shade of nude can be tricky business as I’ve found some just look so ‘wrong’ on…almost white-ish! The horror! I’m still on the conquest for a nude lipstick as this is more of a lip gloss to me. Packaging is pretty basic, but the brush/spatula type applicator is pretty cool.

Some great tips for making your lips look luscious for longer can be found here! If you’re like me and most other woman who suffer countless problems with lipsticks and keeping them on your lips and off your teeth, you’d appreciate this! Thank me later!

Have a great week guys!



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