I’ve got the Blues

Hi All!

I’ve been MIA for a minute, aren’t I always …(and have also had this post pending as a draft for a while now) but I’ve got something exciting to share! I’ve been meaning to for a while but I’ve been caught up with work, life, entertaining friends from across the Atlantic and being across the Atlantic myself (miss you coco)!

Without further ado, I’ve been undergoing a lot of retail therapy (meh, it’s really just a shopping excuse), plus it’s summer time so I need to revamp my wardrobe and get some goodies! As we all know when summer comes around literally nothing from last summer can be seen to wear…

While undergoing this so called ‘therapy’ I’ve bagged a lot..but one particular thing has got me feeling blue (I tell a lie, I’m loving blue shades this summer)…it’s a structured, real leather and suede combo Celine style inspired bag.This has to be one of my favs at the moment!

20140701-114502 pm-85502669.jpg

I came across this beaut while exploring various YouTube fashionista videos. The site baginc.com was mentioned and from there I went on to research more into what it had to offer. No regrets! My bag arrived not too long after and I loved it! Still love it!

20140701-115942 pm-86382359.jpg

To me there’s nothing better than a quality leather handbag, branded or not! It just has to be quality, structured and a decent size. I ended up getting the ‘Vanessa’ bag, in blue and a medium size. And love it for all of those reasons!

20140702-124142 am-2502629.jpg

20140702-124143 am-2503740.jpg

20140702-124142 am-2502079.jpg

20140702-124143 am-2503188.jpg

20140702-124144 am-2504292.jpg

It’s such a versatile bag and can be worn/carried casually or dressed up. I did have a bit of a problem in terms of being kept up to date/informed on the whereabouts of my bag as I received no notification email after placing my order. However, the Bag inc staff were really helpful and quick to respond when I raised this as a problem and I got my bag in no time.

I absolutely love the style and the size of the bag is perfect for your everyday handbag essentials. Plus the leather suede combination makes it look so much edgier and different from other bags. Bonus fact, you get free delivery if you spend about $99, which is great! I plan on either getting a colour block style or a plain leather Vanessa next!

P.s. I did not get the Vanessa bag free. I know some bloggers do, I actually paid for this and really appreciated its quality hence the post! 🙂



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