Fruit smoothie or nah?!

In a bid to stay healthy…plus to put my fruit to good use before they go bad…hehe
Here’s what I whipped up to please my taste buds and console myself for being back at work today! 🙂

20140506-081006 pm.jpg

4 bananas
1 mango
1 large lemon
3 clementines
Cabbage (surprised? As much as you please)
100g low fat natural yoghurt

I blended these all together and placed them in the fridge to cool. Yummi-ness and healthiness all in one. Cabbage is my new favourite vegetable. So I’m pretty keen to eat it in everything and anything these days. I’ve never had a favourite veg so perhaps that’s why!

I’ve seen a lot of fruit and veg smoothies and diets these days, I figure I’d like to try this myself! But rather than buy them, make my own. If not for weight loss or health purposes, you can’t go wrong with a veggie fruit smoothie. Bonus is you’re getting one or more of your five-a-day…or is it seven?? :-s

Another good smoothie recipe here!

Have a great week!

P.S. I’ve had this really interesting draft blog sitting around which I haven’t posted! It’s inspired by The Stylist magazines “I’m fine” article published about two weeks ago and I found it absolutely hilarious! It was basically about females and how we use the phrase “I’m Fine”, what we really mean and how men interpret this! I loved it! Purely because as a female I throw about that phrase so much never really meaning it! I couldn’t find the link for it otherwise I would have shared! But I promise to get mine in the works and out for a laugh and some tips for handling “I’m fine” scenarios! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Fruit smoothie or nah?!

    • thelittlelushthings says:

      Hi! No I’ve never, I wasn’t even sure what it was until 5 minutes ago! Interesting cross between cabbage and turnips! I’ll keep it in mind as something to try out one day! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. CB says:

    Fantastic mixture. Nothing beats healthy living. Will join you in making myself one. Good fruits are being put to use. No waste in vegetables as long as you are lover of vegetables. Keep it up we love your mixture. Infact it’s a drink we love after our round of golf.

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