Summer Fruit Lovin’!

I recently found a great (cost saving, if I’m to be honest) frozen pack of summer fruits from tesco, which is perfect for baking! It’s about £2 I believe and you have enough portion of fruit for at least two baking rounds! It’s a mixture of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries…berry goodness!

I love berries, particularly in my cakes when I’m baking and this works out perfectly for me. You probably think they can’t be as yummy as using fresh fruit. I’ve been there, done that and it comes out just as yummy as fresh fruit when baked. The only pitfall I’d say is, the frozen fruit (dependent on the pack you get by luck) can come out quite sour, however the sugar in your cake tends to balance this out. Of course, when it comes to some other things, nothing beats having fresh fruit!

I finally, yes finally, got a cupcake tray! No more wonky cupcakes! Lol…being the eager beaver I am, I had to bake! I had some alone time today and got to baking my summer fruit cupcakes, which I am So proud of! Really, so proud that I’d sell them! That’s how yummy they taste….I followed the same recipe from my ‘Are you berry crazy?’ post, but instead made it as cupcakes! When they were halfway baked, I brushed on some honey for a glazed look and a bit of extra sweetness! It’s perfectly moist on the inside and absolutely delicious! I tell no lies 🙂

Here’s how it all started….

20140427-101342 pm.jpg
Step 1: Into the oven they go!

20140427-101519 pm.jpg
Step 2: 20-30 minutes later….What’s the trick to not having my berries sink into the cupcake? (I need to do some research! Minor detail though)

20140427-101623 pm.jpg
Step 3: Time for a cuppa! ❤ …..and GoT before I sleep maybe?

Hope you had a great Weekend!



2 thoughts on “Summer Fruit Lovin’!

  1. dosirakbento says:

    I like to use frozen fruit in my breakfast yogurts. By the time I’m at work, the fruit has defrosted and my yogurt is still cold. I have noticed that the “berry mix” quite often has the small sour black currant berries in them. I solved this by mixing my own combination, mostly strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. Just pop them all in a large container in your fridge (if you have space..)

    And thanks for following me! Hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches.

    • thelittlelushthings says:

      Oh that’s quite a good idea, frozen fruit with yoghurt to work! I usually have mine with fresh berries stored in the fridge and more recently with dried fruit! So yummy! Thanks for the tip and for following too 🙂 have a great week!

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