Flower Power…and Easter Love!!

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s hoping you’ve had a wonderful long weekend and aren’t dreading going back to work tomorrow like I am! I love being on holiday and as we all know, sadly enough it’s never long enough! I had an absolutely amazing weekend away (can be so refreshing getting out of town) and also attended a wedding, so yes there was a lot of wining and dining, which is really Not the main reason behind this post unfortunately! So without further ado…

A while back I posted, Spring in your Step! This was all about what was trending for spring! I mentioned that with Florals, the print is crucial! Some prints to me just don’t cut it! I either find them overwhelming in that there is so much going on with the print i.e. flower overdose or it probably would be best suited as a pretty curtain, picnic cloth… You catch my drift?lol

Anyway, I thought it best to show you what I meant. What to me is just right, how I would rock floral! Actions speak so much louder than words….or better still, seeing is believing I always say! Enjoy…(I might have thrown in a random pic, or two, lol, from my ‘outfit hunt’ and bits out of my weekend away!)

P.s. For those who fasted or gave up all their favourites or addictions for lent! Praise God! We made it! Here’s hoping and keeping faith that our prayers come to pass! 🙂

20140421-110649 pm.jpg

Close up of the print! I loved the combination of colours with the leaves!

20140421-111104 pm.jpg
Ok so I didn’t actually end up wearing these shoes as I couldn’t find the perfect matching bag….I did however get a cobalt blue pair from Asos and a matching cobalt blue box clutch from Warehouse!! They are to die for! The pair in the picture were turquoise, but cobalt blue or pink to me were the best match! Finding the perfect match, now that is a different story!

20140421-112036 pm.jpg
Do not be mislead by this picture, this is a no no for the print of my dress, too much colour clashing, with floral I think simplistic accessories is best. So I opted for plain gold studs and a big gold bangle and watch (Have I ever mentioned I Love watches? New blog post on my new watch perhaps? Teehee). In my hunt I came across this colour a lot (Pastel? See my blog post mentioned above) and I thought it was really cute! Jewellery above from Accessorize if you’re interested!

20140421-112632 pm.jpg
Now this is just a preview not the complete look, just to show you what the dress style was. BUT, if I do say so myself, my outfit was simply beautiful! I chose a really simplistic midi dress, as I find them to be very classy and the print is such a bold statement that I need not make any more effort and risk walking in looking like a rainbow! I loved this dress! Which I stumbled across on AX Paris, first time having a look at their site and I fell in love with the dress within seconds. It’s very Spring Like and I can put it to so much good use after the occasion! Recycling outfits should always be a point in mind when shopping!

20140421-113537 pm.jpg
This is the Warehouse clutch I mentioned earlier, it also has a pretty gold chain strap inside which is convenient when dancing. I know, not your typical clutch. But these box clutches just seem so chic to me. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. So I was quite pleased to have a reason to buy it! Bring on the next wedding…my wish list is endless! Haha

20140421-113829 pm.jpg
Just to end things on a sweet note and to throwback to my weekend goodness! 🙂

Have a great week everyone!



One thought on “Flower Power…and Easter Love!!

  1. CB says:

    Beautiful combination. Cool and moderate. The dress is lovely with the color combination, love the green leaves , it brings out the beauty in the shade of blue and pink colors. The bag and shoe compliment the complete look. Love it

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