To my biggest fan!

My Mother…

So initially I thought to blog about the great things you can do with your mum for Mother’s Day… But figured everyone’s probably read a 1000 different magazines, papers, emails, telling you how best to spend the day with her or treats to get her…I’m bored of reading those (as useful as they are), so I decided against that.

Instead I thought to use my blog as a platform to confess my undying love for her! My mums awesome I tell you. Unfortunately I’m not getting to spend the day with her, but I want her to know she’s loved dearly and appreciated beyond words….

When I first decided to start writing a blog she was (and is) my No 1 supporter, she read every post, even signed up so she could comment (lol, this is amazing I tell you as usually she gets me to do such for her) and even gave me feedback and tips! Bless her, she always believes in me! I appreciate this so much and never really told her.

I can’t imagine my life without you mum, you are my rock. You brought me into this world, you helped me take my first step and still to this very day you walk with me. Through everything you are there and I’m truly grateful. Everything I do I do to make you proud and to show that your efforts are not in vain.

You’ve stayed strong through and through for all your kids and we are so appreciative of this. I know no woman as strong as you, both father and mother in one. I hope you have a blessed day! Love you mama!

….as you’ve pretty much figured and as the title says….I’m professing my love to my number 1! Have an awesome day guys! 🙂

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! Especially to the single mums! You’re inspirational!


20140329-091429 pm.jpg
Disclaimer: This image was not taken by me. Found on Google images.>


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