Why put up with that chip off the…?!

This is one for the ladies.. We all know how annoying it can be when we’ve slaved over our nails. Be it watching the paint dry, trying to get it on perfect, or even having paid to get it done by a professional. Only to come out of the shower, do the dishes, or even just accidentally hit your nail against a surface and whaddayaknow?!

The Dreaded Chip! There is nothing more frustrating than that tiny missing piece of varnish from your finger nail. That one chip that makes your glamorous look not so glam! Ugh!

I say enough is enough! Stand up for your right! Your right to sexy as hell looking nails that never let you down! What is this Amazingggg solution I hear you say?

One word. SHELLAC! (Or Gellac, as some like to refer to it)

I’ve been using Shellac for about 9 months now and there’s no going back! So for those of you gals who are completely clueless, falsie freaks or chip cursers, this ones for you.

In simple terms, shellac is basically really thick nail polish. Think of it as a nail varnish that combines the strength of acrylic/gel with the fabulous colours of normal nail polish, that drys in 40 SECONDS with the help of a UV light type lamp (don’t quote me on the UV bit). Not only that, it lasts for about 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow + It even helps your nails grow, as they are less likely to break with the shellac.

For those of you who have weak nails, it provides the strength for your nails, and it is much healthier for your nails than having falsies done. NB! Don’t get it twisted and think shellac is a nail strengthener, no.

If had to say what the drawbacks of shellac are, I would have to say:
1. It lasts so long (min 2 weeks), so you are basically stuck with the same colour till your next visit.
2. You can’t take it off with normal nail polish remover. Unless you invested in all the gear you need.
3. The process to take it off involves a bit of scraping off the nail (if you go to a good nail bar they should take care of your nails properly despite this.
4. It costs about £20 min, from my knowledge to have it taken off and redone (regardless this is cheaper than getting falsies done).

Despite all that, I feel the pros outweigh the cons. It’s perfect for going on holiday too and for occasions. One less ‘look good’ factor to worry about! Your nails are always good to go!

I recommend using OPI or Gelish shellac nail varnish brands. Purely because those are the brands I use and I’ve used most of their colours and quality wise, I know they last too. The CND brand is meant to be quite good too.

Say goodbye to chipped nail varnish! See below my shellac nails!

20140321-112350 pm.jpg

20140321-112404 pm.jpg



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