Spring in your Step!

Springs finally here with blooming trees, the glaring sun and whopping 18 degree temperatures (in March!), I’m all giddy for summer already! Known fact about spring is all the colour it brings …. Say goodbye to boring blacks and gruesome greys….spring colours are here to change our ways!

So what’s hot for spring 2014? What should we be keeping our eyes peeled for when swiping those cards?

I’ve been through a number of magazines, notably: Glamour (February, March and April), Stylist (quite a number over the past weeks) Asos (Monthly).. I especially love my free reads, I’ve found them quite insightful and great company on the tube!

So here are a few trends that I think are way to go;
1. Florals : This trend is so cute, feminine and squeals Spring! I find the best way to make this work is to focus on the floral print itself, we’re not going for the flower bomb, we want the right colours and design on our fabric. When shopping for florals, the rule is, ‘Print first, Style after’….there’s nothing worse than putting on a floral dress that looks like it should have been a picnic cloth or an apron.

20140309-084602 pm.jpg

2. Pastels; Pastel colours are a favourite of mine at the moment. Their chic, adorable and evoke sexy without drawing so much attention like louder colours. They whisper “oh damn I Know I look good” in the subtlest way ever (ok I’ll stop). Clearly this is my favourite trend. You can’t go wrong with a mint green, fuchsia pink, sky blue, lavender, apple green, peach…be it a dress, a top or even your accessories.

20140309-084852 pm.jpg

3. Logo mania; Sporty and Laid back is Sexy. That’s what this trend says to me. It’s minimalistic, simple but bold. If you can put on a jersey style dress or a simple tee with a logo for those chilled out days and still look fabulous, why not? Sometimes the littlest effort has the greatest effect!

20140309-084936 pm.jpg

4.Monochrome: Black and white. Simply put I don’t think this is a style combo that can or will ever die. Nope. It’s multi-seasonal, sophisticated and simply fabulous. Regardless of the occasion be it night or day this trend lives on. Pairing a monochrome outfit with red lipstick is definitely a make up tip that adds a pop of colour to the outfit, despite how simple an outfit it it may be. 😉

20140309-085023 pm.jpg

These appear to be what’s trending for Spring’2014! Some perhaps I’d rock less than others based on my personal style, but if it works for you…strut!



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