Good things come in Three’s…..

I’ve spent the last few hours before I hit the sack bonding with my sibling over some chocolate goodness.

We decided to spend our evening indulging in the ever amusing process of Baking! As everyone has pretty much figured out, I enjoy baking and triple chocolate brownies are something I’ve never tried before….up until a few moments ago!

This is how it all pulled together šŸ™‚

20140202-095917 pm.jpg
Sweet distraction from the bitter reality that tomorrow is dreary Monday! So I’m choosing to end the night nice, hoping with any luck for some bright and dry weather this week!!!

223g butter
200g plain chocolate
30g milk chocolate
200g white chocolate chunks
325g castor sugar
130g plain flour
2 tbsp vanilla essence
4 eggs

P.S. Might I say I never had A Clue as to how much chocolate and sugar goes into brownie making! I definitely won’t be having any for a long time once these are all gone!

Have a blessed week everyone and treat yourself to something nice!



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