Jumper ’round!

The weather may have been wet and miserable of late, but in no way do we have to let this cramp our style! While we patiently wait for Spring (so far, yet so close) we’ll Stay warm but Stylish! 😉

I love jumpers, I don’t think you can go wrong with jumpers when styled right! Matter of fact, one of the only reasons why I don’t mind the cold weather is just cause I get to wear jumpers (and jeans) all day every day….okay except when I’m at work! These can still be styled as smart work wear though!

So I’ve found myself a 1000 and 1 times not wanting to have to wear a dress to go out at night. To be specific, I mean when going out for drinks or casual dinner or a get together….the list is endless. Sometimes you just want to feel really relaxed and WARM, yet as amazing as you’d have looked in a dress!

So why not pair a snug jumper with leggings and heels or with jeans and booties! Of course accessorising is key! I always say this, a statement piece will always revamp the simplest outfit!

Check out my suggested combos!

20140101-041327 pm.jpg

I love how jumpers have gradually become more and more stylish over the years; slit backs, leather detail, zip detail, cowl necks, turtle necks, sequins designs, pearl designs, backless, boyfriend fit, slim fit…the list is endless! And I’m guilty of indulging! Say no to layers upon layers, one of these chunky designs (okay and a little cami underneath) and you’ve scrapped at least 2 extra layers!

I came across this amazing designer jumper display in Westfield’s during Christmas and was in awe! Spotted a few I would So rock, others, well not so much…lol…but that’s why they were on Display after all !!! 😀

20140120-104805 pm.jpg



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