Christmas Party Fever!

What dress??….Don’t Stress!!

One of the most exciting things about Christmas is deciding what to wear to all those parties!!
I had a work Christmas party to go to and goodness did it take ages to find THAT dress! Every female will relate to this. You either don’t know what to wear or can’t find the dress you envision as ‘The’ perfect dress!

So I decided to put together my perfect set looks for that Christmas do you have coming up!

Look 1: Edgy Chic

20131207-115232 pm.jpg
I absolutely love this outfit. I find it edgy, yet feminine and amazingly sexy. The leather look crop top reveals just the right amount of skin without making the outfit over exposing, especially if for a work Christmas party. The side ponytail or classic bun never fails us and invokes ‘class with edge’ to this look.

Look 2: Sophisticated

20131208-121915 am.jpg
Pair this dress with minimal statement jewellery, a box clutch and a toned down stylish blazer. Sequence will forever be a party favourite, but works best when kept to a minimum with the right accessories. You don’t want to be remembered as the disco ball!

Look 3: Mellow Yellow

20131208-122650 am.jpg
You’re bound to be noticed upon arrival! But be careful not to overdo it! I think the different tones of orange and yellow make this dress what it is. The different shades blend perfectly and nude coloured accessories could not be more perfect. The dress is enough of a statement so less attention should be drawn to other aspects of your outfit! We don’t want you mistaken for the sun!

Look 4: Vintage Swing

20131208-123436 am.jpg
This dress is so simply understated that statement pieces are a must! A bold necklace does SO much to the simplest outfit, honestly, put on a simple tank top and some jeans and throw on a statement piece! You’re good to go! I’ve given two options for this dress. Be bold with the red or keep it sweet with the white! Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Look 5: The LBD

20131208-124009 am.jpg
That one number that never let’s us down! Be sassy with a bare back or keep it work mode-like with the mesh detail power shoulder dress! You can’t go wrong with the LBD! And believe it or not all of these items are under Β£30 each!! Sometimes it pays to be Simple!

P.S. Bear in mind, these style sets are a combo of both high street and designer brands. If you’re interested in any specific item I’m more than happy to share where you can find it! Otherwise, happy shopping! πŸ™‚



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