Are you ‘Berry’ crazy?!

Summer may be long gone, but there’s no reason why the summer goodness has to go too!!

I tend to make use of my Sundays perfecting my baking skills and of recent I’ve stumbled across loads of interesting baking recipes! One that I find particularly friendly, and I describe it as ‘friendly’ just because I feel anyone who isn’t a pro can follow the steps quite easily or adapt it to their own style, is ‘The Little Book of Treats by Macmillan Cancer Support’. It’s filled with celebrity recipes, the likes of Mary Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dame Maggie Smith, Dolly Parton and loads more which is pretty awesome I think 🙂 ! Check out their website if you’d like one, it supports a great cause!

I took inspiration from Mich Turner’s ‘Madagascan Berry Vanilla Cake’ recipe and whipped together my own Raspberry and Blueberry medley which was absolutely sensational, if I may say so myself! I find berry cakes to be a favourite of mine, just cause their filled with all this fruity goodness (and surely some portion of your five-a-day), they give my cakes the perfect degree of moisture I like and as a plus, berry’s are really good for your health; low in calories, high in fibre and full of vitamins and nutrients the body needs! So here’s how it all turned out…..

20130923-093338 PM.jpg

20130923-093510 PM.jpg

20130923-093655 PM.jpg

20130923-093951 PM.jpg

20130923-094142 PM.jpg

This was the first time I ever worked with icing! But I loved the finished look it gave to my cake! I think icing always gives that extra ‘oomph’ to the appearance of a cake, if used in moderation as I’m also not the biggest fan of icing, but a nice top layer is just right! I had a bit of extra berry’s left to play with and I put them to good use…..

20130923-095008 PM.jpg

20130923-095122 PM.jpg

….Waste not want not! My adventurous side definitely kicked in here! There’s a first time for everything and I really don’t think there’s anything out of the ordinary when it comes to making smoothies! I threw my blueberries and raspberries into the blender, a tub of natural Greek yoghurt and a teaspoon of sugar! It tasted amazing, I loved the natural feel of the berry seeds combined with the smoothness the yoghurt helped create! If you’re not up for a smoothie, why not pop your smooth blend into the freezer…and voila your own Berry Sorbet! 🙂 !!!!



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