Keep Keeping On…

Sometimes we lose our will, we doubt, we worry, we panic, we feel at our lowest, like everything is crumbling, like we can’t make sense of anything….

These seem to be some of the toughest and dullest days or periods and can take a real toll on you, your day or week or month…But that’s really only if you let it. Easier said than done I know, we all know….

But I don’t write to wallow in these feelings, I don’t want to and I don’t intend to help anyone else do that any more than they can help themselves ….I love being happy, even if there’s nothing to really be happy about, it makes me feel good and in turn seeing people happy makes me smile too. And by happy I mean genuinely happy..

I find that when I’m feeling down I tend to come across messages that really relate to how I’m feeling and somehow that gives me hope. I don’t feel you just stumble across these things, I believe God is speaking to you the best way He can, I believe Life is egging you on…to go through that day and the next. Some may think its stupid, but I believe and it really pushes me. Why mock anything that speaks positively to you?

Everyone is faced with different situations in life that affects them at some point or the other. In Life you have to believe in order to get through these situations and that’s where your hope lies. You may not be Christian, you may not be Muslim, You may not be Jewish, but you’re You and you have beliefs which you tailor your life to. And that’s what gives you hope and faith and what keeps you going.

I found it necessary to express that because I believe that is what helps most especially when you’re feeling down. Yes, you can count on friends and family to put a smile on your face or laughter in your heart, but only you are in control of Your happiness. Because the truth is temporary distractions are just that, temporary. You think the most when you’re alone and you can’t always have people around you, life can’t even work that way, you have to reflect. And sometimes some good can come from being alone without input or distractions from others. And other times these can be the most sad times. But their unavoidable and this is when you find your faith kicks in the hardest, your beliefs. You seek comfort how best you know, in prayer, in scriptures, in motivational passages, sometimes even in music…

The biggest step in these situations is how you get up and shrug off life’s worries and put a smile on your face! I have a technique when it comes to this, perhaps technique is not so much the word, but I feel the need to say the littlest and act the strongest, because I feel if no one senses your weakness, they feed off your strength and in turn you feed off their belief in your strength and conveniently this positively influences your emotions! This might sound a bit bizarre to some, but to me it’s perfect sense…otherwise if I’m completely alone in this then it’s just me I guess, everyone has different view points after all. Which is mostly dependent on your character as a person. Don’t get it twisted, sometimes doing that doesn’t even work for me, after all acting strong and being strong are two completely different things.

I came across this scripture conveniently while writing this, it says “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not seen…” (Hebrew 11:1). I think this just goes to show even if you are not religious, you Believe and have hope in something and thus should seek inspiration from that and keep it pure and true. I got this from an application called ‘Inspirations’, which extracts inspirational quotes daily from the Bible and this is one of the very many ‘messages’ I referred to earlier that I come across when I’m feeling down and I feel it really feeds my faith and in turn my hope and belief!

There is no point running or hiding or even pondering on your fears and worries, instead face them head on, stand up to them ….{e.g. ‘medical essay I will totally smash you because I BELIEVE I will’, ‘Job interview I’m not going to stress about you because I BELIEVE my light shone brightly through you’, ‘Dreams, you Will become a reality because I BELIEVE I can do anything I set my mind to’….Just a little reminder to those people in my Life who are chasing their dreams 🙂 } …Because only truly then will you be at peace and your mind be settled. Believe you will be great, Trust things will work out, Hope for strength and Pray that all in due time things will !!!

20130801-101309 PM.jpg

P.S Happy August!!


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