Wonky Chocolate Chip Muffins!

20130624-093840 PM.jpg

Straight out of the oven!

It probably would’ve been a good idea to invest in a cupcake/muffin baking tray before embarking on my spontaneous Sunday shenanigan! But whatever, I like to think I am the queen of improvisation and so I made do with what I could rummage out of cupboards and drawers! Hence the ‘wonky’-ness!

So as I’ve always said, I’m no professional baker, quite the opposite! It’s just something I enjoy doing, particularly on weekends when I have a bit of spare time! And lucky for me, it’s always panned out just right!

My first attempt at making muffins turned out pretty nice actually. I was pretty pleased with myself (and obviously learned some lessons along the way too lol). I haven’t baked in a while and so set myself a mission for the weekend. I had most of the ingredients needed at home i.e. flour, sugar, butter, milk, baking powder, vanilla flavouring, eggs, all I really needed was the main ingredient i.e. chocolate chips! And good old Sainsbury’s, I’ve come to notice has a very amusing baking section (based on comparison against Tesco’s). They have all sorts; cake decor, already prepped baking packets and other little condiments, like my chocolate chip packet, which cost a pound might I add!

I chose to go for chocolate chip muffin’s as I wanted just a bit of chocolate goodness and I think Choc chip cupcakes are perfect in these situations; minimal sweetness and just the right dose of chocolate! It’s also perfect to serve to friends and family who aren’t particular chocolate lovers (as I find my audience usually are lol) and is still perfect for chocolate lovers!

That was really all I needed and I was good to go! I have quite a few baking websites and books which I like to refer to when baking, mainly for the basic steps and ingredients and the rest is pretty much all determined by me as I go! And that’s exactly what I did, found a plain recipe and just mended it here and there to suit myself and what I was trying to achieve! Quite pleasing to the taste buds I must say, even if not so much to the eyes! 😉

20130627-102442 PM.jpg

Who knows what I’ll get up to next sunday ey? 😉


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