The AC Experience!

Summers here….and so the planning for the most awesome time of the year commences!

1.What to do? 2.Where to go? 3.Who to go with? 4. When to go? Etcetera..Here’s my advice; 1. Go on holiday (after all British weather can be such a drag) 2. Ever heard of ATLANTIC CITY??!!! (If only I could throw in a voice clip of me saying that, I put on a über cool American accent lol)


Atlantic City Pillars! When you first drive in…

Atlantic City is located in the USA, to be exact, New Jersey, although if you’re in NY you can quite easily (and within budget) commute there too. So as you can imagine, it was only an element of my whole trip, but an oh so exciting part! Some have referred to it as a ‘mini Vegas’ (I cannot agree nor disagree as I have never been to Vegas myself! But I don’t think that should be taken literally!). But I can say this much, Atlantic City IS amazing! I definitely think question 3 plays a key part in how amazing an experience it could be! Friends, Siblings, Partners…either or, these are the best people to go with! More particularly because of what AC has to offer; Amazing hotels, breath-taking views, outlet shopping (by this I mean a number of your favourite brands at discounted prices), GREAT food, yummy cocktails, board walk (more on this later) and lets not forget, Casinos, Casinos and More Casinos! Of course usual forms of entertainment like cinema’s etc are available, but who goes on holiday to do that really right? (Unless you have some time to spare *guilty*!)


American Food is amazing! This was at the Rainforest Cafe in AC!

So I visited AC about mid-week till the weekend! Thus I had a nice sample of what times are best to go, especially depending on the purpose of your trip (partying, relaxing, celebration etc). Let’s put it this way, if you are looking to have a nice relaxed not too crowded break from the world, I definitely recommend going during the week. Everywhere is really peaceful, Hotels are less crowded, Shops are less busy as are restaurants and it’s just you, the sun (be sure to check the forecasts),the sound of the waves and your cosy hotel bed of course, complete serenity. Sounds good right about now huh? It was. I definitely wasn’t missing everyday life, we all know holidays are like a god-send when you have a 9-5!


View of the beach and city from the top-most floor in Tropicana!

Now, if you’re looking for a more energetic vibe, the weekend is definitely the time to go! There are people Everywhere (don’t confuse this for being overcrowded, it’s still a decent crowd of people), but it just makes you feel so excited and hype! Partying is definitely best at this period, casinos have more opponents, more bars and restaurants tend to open up, as you can pretty much guess why…Everything comes to life!


Beautiful restaurant IN Tropicana hotel!

You have a huge huge, choice of hotels to choose from and like your choices, their huge in size, with just as much to offer! But a very crucial point to note is, make sure you choose a hotel ‘whack bam’ in the centre of AC, to avoid unnecessary costs or having to walk miles, plus you’re right in the city centre and close to all the attractions. I recommend Caesars, Trump Plaza or Tropicana (on a scale Tropicana ranks first by a mile!) Once again if you’re looking for a more quiet setting, Trump plaza is a good place to rest your head, it’s very serene and sophisticated, with elegant restaurants and decor, not the hype setting at all, but definitely a nice place to relax after a long vibrant day. After all you can always walk over to other hotels to enjoy their entertainment. On the other hand, if you’re looking for that lively upbeat setting, Tropicana is Absolutely Lush and ticks all the boxes! The decor is breath-taking and it has everything you could possibly want within it, IMAX, casinos, shopping, restaurants, clubs…you practically don’t have to step out of the hotel! And for more reasons than one, it blew my mind away!


This picture does not capture how amazing a view this was! The clouds and sky is actually a painting on a part of Tropicana hotels ceiling! BREATH-TAKING!

I attached a link previously for a pretty useful website I found on AC (unfortunately after my return)! But I hope it’s useful to others! Now I mentioned boardwalk earlier, you surely won’t be in AC and miss this! It’s iconic and literally links everything and anything along the never-ending ‘yellow brick road’ (which I’m assuming derives its name from the fact that it is made of thousands of planks of board and leads to….perhaps Emerald city lol as I never managed in one day to walk the whole length). There are numerous shops, restaurants, hotels, malls and most importantly the beach, that boardwalk serves as a walkway to. Random cool fact, you know how in central London we have those 3 wheel bicycle taxi’s that a man cycles you around with? Well get this, in AC, imagine just the seat behind the man cycling and instead of him cycling, he’s stood behind pushing you and say your 3 girlfriends ALONG board walk! Once you get on boardwalk, these guys don’t go unnoticed, And they give tours too….I can’t imagine the pain they must be in by days end!


The famous boardwalk (and if you look close enough, you’ll spot one of the ‘push’ guys)

Plus side of it though, when you go out after a late night and your heels are aching, you’re bound to get a lift (or push) right to your hotel door( not for free might I add)! 🙂 I definitely appreciated this, as it also gives you a chance to take in the view! I could go on and on but I think it’s time I round-up! In summary AC was amazing it served as a nice fun getaway from the every day hassle and bustle of life and I was Super sad upon leaving! But it definitely kicked off my summer just right!


Hotel Freebies 🙂


Trump Plaza Hotel! Don’t forget these hotels are huge, so this is like a fraction view of it!


My advice….Definitely ‘Do AC’ (that’s their slogan anyway)!!


One thought on “The AC Experience!

  1. Senorita says:

    Amazinggggggg!!! I am talking about both this write up and Atlantic City!! :)…By the third picture you had me itching to go back to AC to visit!! It’s definitely one of our favourite getaways in the New Jersey-New York area!! Looks like you had a LOVELY time!

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