It’s a Sugar Rush!

It’s been way too long since I last wrote! Yes, I’m not impressed myself! But, I have been MIA for very exciting reasons, after which I was trying to settle back down into real life, and then come back with a BANG lol….

But no need dwelling on that! I’m here now and super excited to share!! πŸ™‚
I went away on holiday to America (Yes I know that’s very broad, but the specifics are perhaps for some other time!) and I came across this absolutely LUSH ‘candy’ store (well, they sell much more than just sweets as the website will show you), called “It’ Sugar”!!!

I was literally like ‘a kid in a candy store’!!! And it’s not cause I have a sweet tooth, but as you’ve pretty much figured, little lush things really do excite me!! This wasn’t just like ANY sweet shop, this shop gave me a ‘quirky sugar high’!!

They had all sorts of sweets and chocolates in fascinating sizes and highly amusing packaging!! Even if you aren’t a sweet lover, you’re sure to find something that would tickle your fantasy… Both kids and adults!! They definitely had something for everyone and I took the liberty of taking some pictures to share my experience!

Now, the biggest highlight of my experience in this store. Matter of fact the reason I was drawn to it in the first place….NERDS! I am absolutely in love with Nerds and value every little or large box I manage to get my hands on, as they can’t just be found Anywhere on this side of the world..(Now at this point if you have no idea what Nerds are, and you’re in the UK, I suggest you pop over to your nearest Fenwicks or Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and splurge on some Nerds)….Now for my Nerds lovers, feast your eyes….

THE attention grabber!

THE attention grabber!

Need I say more??

Need I say more??

I was probably in there for about at least 30mins, and although I only settled for some pick-mix and mint, I’d say my time was very well spent! If I was able to bring it all back, I would’ve purchased a whole lot…. Even if just for keepsake!

Hope the pictures leave you as amused as It’s Sugar left me!!!! πŸ™‚

You didn't just think i'd just buy ANY mint did you? LoL

You didn’t think i’d just buy ANY mint did you? LoL



And more...Marilyn Monroe inspired chocolate!

And more ‘Marilyn Monroe’ inspired chocolate!

So colourful and amusing!

So colourful and amusing!

The irony 'BYOB'!

The irony ‘BYOB’!


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