Soap & Glory…’Trick or Treatment’??

I’m always quite excited to try new products, sometimes it works out great, other times not so much Lol…But the crucial question here is, was this a case of ‘trick’ or ‘treatment’?

All the 'glory'!

All the ‘glory’!

I was going through a beauty youtube channel a while ago and stumbled across the ‘Soap & Glory‘ brand, which the youtuber had recommended. Subconsciously  I had kept it in mind to have a look-see myself one day, as the products looked rather interesting….And lo and behold, as a good friend of mine says, I walked into boots some weeks ago, and there lie my ‘3 for 2’!

We all love a good bargain and as a curious customer, I took advantage of this and I have no regrets, which is a huge relief, as their products are not so much on the ‘cheap side’. But for their quality, I’d say reasonable and thus one I am willing to pay! They have a wide array of products, and their packaging and slogan’s I find very personable and thus all the more fun to purchase (you’d notice from the pictures)!

So I got some body butter, under eye concealer and hand cream. The body butter has to be the most amazingggg out of the three products for me. It’s just the perfect blend of what I like for my skin. What do I like for my skin, I hear you say? I love a good lotion that keeps your skin feeling balanced, and by balanced I mean not too oily and far from dry…. I’ve found that some products in the past left my skin feeling unbelievably dry and ‘friction-ey’ (forgive my lack of a better word), while others have left my skin feeling rather ‘slippery’ (that I leave an oily feel to whatever I touch afterwards)….. And the ‘Righteous body butter’ does just that for me. It leaves my skin feeling Perfectly moisturized and balanced. I am not kidding about this, it has officially joined my regular body routine product range. If you’re not willing to throw yourself in the deep end,which is fair enough, try their travel sizes, which are less than £2.99.  That way you can test if it works for you first! 🙂

image (2)

Righteous Body Butter!

The ‘hand food’ is lush! We all hate to use hand lotion and have to keep rubbing forever for it to sink into our skin, or worse, not be able to even have a grip of your phone after lol. Simply put, it does None of that and like I said, just the right balance! Did I mention, they smell lovely too, not too fruity, not too false, sweet enough to be your natural scent!

photo (1) (1)

Hand Food!

The under eye concealer….now I haven’t got really bad under eye circles, but I wanted something that I felt could cover up a little bit. It doesn’t particularly ‘conceal’ the darkness, but it definitely adds a little spark to your under eye. The product has a bit of shimmer in it, which is not so obvious once blended in properly, but I feel it contributes to providing that brightness that is missing, especially if blended with your powder/foundation. I’ve mostly used it without anything else on my face and it blends in just fine. Least thus far no one as told me I’ve got glittery eyes! Lol (don’t take the word glitter literal please as that could be misleading). The only thing about this product is, I am not sure they make it in any other shades besides ‘bright on’, which works for light skin tones.

Bright On Under Eye Concealer!

Bright On Under Eye Concealer!

All in all, they have a vast range of products for everyone, even if the under eye concealer doesn’t do it for you, something will! I’d say it definitely is ‘Treatment’ (Soap&Glory ticks all the boxes for me). What do you say?!


P.S. Their product names and packaging are so funny, pay good attention to that when scrolling through their range! Least you can have a laugh even if you don’t plan to buy at the moment!


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