Easter Sunday…I dub thee ‘Giving Sunday’!


Here are a few charities I gave to today!

So in the spirit of Easter (Lent), I decided to do something good and make a difference! And I chose to go about this by giving to numerous charities of my choice!

I felt there couldn’t be a better time to donate, considering the reason behind our current holiday and in the spirit of ‘thankfulness’. Everyone is home with family, or hanging out with friends and doing a 1001 other things that keeps them happy. But in the joy of all this, we tend to forget the thousand others who aren’t or can’t and sometimes we tend to lose sight of what is and isn’t important in life.

Some people are under the impression that giving to charities through such donations are not effective, as you do not directly see where your money has gone and the difference it has made in peoples lives. You may argue that they have a point, fair enough.

But the way I see it is, these charities are set up and run for a purpose. I may not Directly see the impact it is making to a certain individuals life, but through some form or way, I’ve contributed to the good that charity is doing.

Most importantly, in my heart, I know I have done some good and I believe it will do good. And if I believe and feel good about it, that is all that matters. After all they say…’Because you can’t see something, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there’…..Right?

Do something good today!…Hope you had a wonderful day! HAPPY EASTER!


P.S. Feast on as much chocolate as you can! The holiday gives us a good excuse to!


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