Congratulations!You’re a Graduate…What next?


A Job? Graduate scheme? Masters? Travel?

I graduated  almost a year ago now and I feel it’s only right to share my experience within the job market! Yes, it IS tough like you heard. It will test you, it will stress you and it will definitely stretch you! But for every individual, it will play out completely different, so please Don’t judge yourself against others, it does you no good. There definitely IS hope, just stay Focused and Dedicated. So here are some of My truths, False facts,Helpful tips and Useful job sites.

My Truths:*A great degree classification Will help you stand out. *HR systems select applications which contain specific words they look for, these words can ‘sometimes’ be spotted in the job description. *Job applications/interviews are always the same questions recycled, regardless of company. *Job boards will help you secure a number of interviews and one out of the many thousands Will find you your first job.* Your search for a job will be your full-time job, literally speaking. *It really does take an average of 6 months for a graduate to get their first job.

False Facts (Don’t be fooled): *A great degree classification is not a ticket to an instant job. *Extra curricular activities are not as beneficial as they claim. *You will not get a job instantly because you studied something exceptional and relevant. *You DON’T have to settle for just any job.

Helpful Tips: *Ensure your CV is thorough yet concise, detail all your achievements which could make you stand out. *Prepare multiple cover letters for all possible career paths you would consider getting into and save each and every one of them, you might need to refer back (After 1000’s of applications, trust me, you Will forget some before they contact you). *After graduation, engage in activities which you would confidently tell a prospective employer about. *Apply to ALL companies, don’t be biased by company size.*PRACTICE for company tests. *Set yourself time targets (e.g. I gave myself a 6 month period of grace, during which I decided that I would not settle for just Any job, after this period I would then consider other roles I did not particularly want.*Preparation is Key! I cannot highlight how essential it is to research and make notes for interviews.


Once you’re organised and have prepared, Nothing they throw at you can throw you off!

I guarantee you, Every interview will be the same. Questions are always the same, just reconstructed. It is crucial to prepare for competency based questions, you will always get these E.g ‘Effective communicator required’, think up and perfectly tailor an honest experience you’ve had that display that key word ‘Communication’! Literally sell yourself, be down to earth, be relaxed, be honest, most important, Be smart about your responses! Confidence is essential and really all I feel it takes to convince an employer that you are the best candidate! If you believe in what you’re selling (ie You), you engage and grasp your customers (i.e Employer) attention.

Useful job sites: There are so many job boards, but these are some I found particularly helpful and through which I got a number of interviews and secured my first graduate job, and thus I would recommend signing up to them. It is also useful to check out your university’s careers website for possible opportunities.


Graduate Recruitment Bureau

The Big Choice


Target Jobs

Total Jobs

P.S. Don’t Worry, it’s not All bad. There are also thousands of jobs that would throw themselves at you, particularly sales and recruitment. But don’t settle if you are not really interested, the worst thing would have to be getting up every day at 6am (or earlier) for a job you hate. And for what it’s worth, I got my first graduate job before my 6 month target……Did I mention, it was in an industry I wanted and a position I wanted. Do I hear you say it was all worth it? 🙂


I must say..Graduating does have some pretty perks!



One thought on “Congratulations!You’re a Graduate…What next?

  1. Senorita says:

    aahh yes life after graduation!! This is a beautiful piece and you did an excellent job accurately summarizing the whole job searching experience and you gave us such great advice too!! Having gone through that 6month job searching period myself, I feel that the whole process is definitely a right of passage. I’ve spoken to quite a number of people who have also gone through the ‘6month recent grad job searching period’ and I must say each person seems to have come out of the process stronger, more mature, having discovered things about themselves and more appreciative of the job they have 🙂

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