Sunday Blues??…I Think Not!

It’s Sunday….*sigh*, you know what that means. The weekend is almost over, back to work, back to crawling through the five day week, and anticipating the next two day weekend! Disheartening?

Let’s try that again!…..

It’s SUNDAYYYYYY! Wooohooo! TGIS! We get one whole more day to ourselves to get up to whatever we please for as long as we please so let’s make the most of it! So bearing in mind that we have a busy week ahead we have to keep it simple, but fulfilling! I definitely feel Sunday should be a day of rest, but no one says it has to be a boring day of rest! There are numerous activities one can get up to! But this really depends on the type of person, are you the active sort on a Sunday or the less active sort on a Sunday? I lean more towards the less active.

I’m all up for relaxing, quiet and interesting activities! Like what you say? Baking!!!! Not so relaxing you say? I beg to differ, It really is! I find it fun, yet relaxing and also I feel it put’s my time to good use…..and most importantly provides me with a nice treat after lunch or dinner with a nice cup of tea or coffee!

My favorite of late….Blueberry Cake! I actually only got into baking quite recently, I was grocery shopping, my eyes caught the blue, the blue caught my eyes, I thought, ‘You, Me, Oven, Now’ and Voila! Lol….Tad bit dramatic I know! I am no Baker for the record and I definitely won’t be dishing out recipes on here….but I will post links of website’s that have aided me and my own little twists and tweaks here and there!

So if you’re sat home on a Sunday, bored and having those cravings that we all have for something sweet? Look no further than your own kitchen! After all, who wants to pop down to the shops in the cold (OR heat, depending on your location) for a cake when you actually may have the main ingredients you need for even a basic plain cake! Plus if it all works out alright, you’d feel pretty good with yourself!

Ingredients: 2 Eggs, Butter, Flour, Vanilla flavoring, Milk, Sugar,Baking powder AND Blueberries (really you need no more).

Process/Measurements: (Prep time 10minutes + Baking time 30mins)

* Ingredients–

* Preparation:

*Frosting (Optional):

WARNING: Blueberries may sink!! It is ESSENTIAL that before folding your blueberries into your cake mix, they should be basked in flour! Literally, pour your blueberries in a bowl of flour and cover them till they practically look white! If not you’d be left with a mushy bottom blueberry cake! I’ve learn’t from trial and error and I realize this works!

Here’s a picture of mine! If you are adventurous with any other fruit, let me know! Enjoy! 😉 



P.S For Sunday lunch I prepared the chicken and dessert, I grilled and seasoned the chicken with some oregano, blended hot pepper, black pepper, sliced onions,chicken stock and garnished with some spring onions!Perhaps I’ll post on a meal I cook one day!


One thought on “Sunday Blues??…I Think Not!

  1. Senorita says:

    Ooohh sounds/looks yummy!! I shall be trying to make your blueberry cake this Sunday, wish me luck?? *looks around to make sure fire extinguisher is present in apartment* hehehe!

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