I Believe…†

I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe what is meant to be will be. I believe you know you best. I believe you get back as much as you put in. I believe when you give you receive. And I believe, that patience, faith and hope are the driving forces behind every other belief.

I find that in every endeavor of life our faith is tested, and it is from these same endeavors that we establish our beliefs which we live by. We go through hard times, painful times, confusing times, stressful times and no doubt they can be testing periods in our lives. We’re told to keep a positive mindset…I believe that is key, but I also know it sure as hell is easier said than done.

‘There is always a light at the end of the tunnel’ they say….figuratively speaking, wouldn’t you keep walking through that tunnel till you get to that light? Hell yes you would. It may be a struggle, but you would.

In other words, Don’t give up. Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do, why let anyone else live your life for you when God gave You Your Life. I find when people go through hard times in their lives, they lose faith and question God. But how I see it is, if we didn’t go through hardships and struggles, on what basis would we build our strength and our faith? No I don’t think God punishes us through these periods, I feel He tests us, our trust, our faith. It may be a struggle, but damn would it be worth it! I testify to that! If you sit back and think of a 1000 situations in your life, I bet you could too!

Don’t you find you pray more during these periods? Don’t you find your faith increases, you hope more, you believe more?…Do you realize, that all through that period you consider a down time,you’re building something positive too? Your faith and bond with God.

I do. I believe.

Do You?


P.S Be Patient. Ask for what He knows is Best and When it’s best.


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