That ‘Rugged’ Look!

Carvela Stud Boots

Carvela Stud Boots

So I’ve been eye ballin’ these bad ass babies for a minute….I’d seen them on quite a few girls out and about town and I was totally lovin’ them! The big question was ‘Can you pull this off?’ !! So I got my hands on a pair a bit ago and finally got a chance to wear them! Or shall I say I finally got brave and figured out how I could pull these baddies off!

I feel they give you that rugged look, which can be unbelievably attractive…(if you think not, ask the guys or the girls who pull it off and completely sold it to me)! That is IF it’s pulled off right! Don’t get it twisted I love the whole feminine sexy sophisticated etc etc look. But sometimes you’ve got to give a girl a break! Who said rugged can’t be sexy too?!

I say Yay to rugged! It gives a relaxed, casual and edgy look! I guess for a girl like myself this isn’t my usual style, so it all feels very exciting and new to me! Plus for the weekends, when you really just want to be laid back and relaxed when going out, these I believe do the job!

I rocked these babies on my day off with a pair of jeans, a big fit/baggy jumper (I adore jumpers, seriously I think I’ve got a great eye for them), my hair up in a bun and all the other accessories that helped emphasize my  ‘I’m sexy BUT I’m acting like I don’t know it’ look!!! Not sounding so appealing? Seeing is believing! I looked uber-cool! Lol…This I’m sure of as I actually had a lady ask me about them!   (✿◠‿◠)

Their literally everywhere now! Some more expensive than others! But be careful when choosing a pair, I feel the quality or at least, quality ‘Look’ of these boots play a huge part in how rugged you look! We’re not aiming for a literal ‘I couldn’t be bothered’ look, but more of ‘I bothered but it was nothing’!

So I was pretty excited about this and thought to share! We all know putting on any new item for the first time always add that extra special ~lush~ feeling to our day …..or in my case, the ‘umph’ in my strut!

P.S You can find similar styled boots at KG, Asos, Dune, Debenhams, River Island, New look and More….!



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