Cocktail Heaven!

In light of the weekend and the search around ‘What to get up to?’…. I’d say settle for (one or two or three…) yummy cocktails with friends!

There’s no going wrong with a cocktail and although alcohol isn’t said to be particularly good for your health, surely these cocktails serve up at least one of your 5 a day! *guilty pleasures*

I went to an amazing bar, called  ‘Bar 366’, one evening after work last week for a birthday-do and it was Lush! Although I was initially skeptical about having drinks mid-week…This act I did Not regret!

The bar setting was very pretty, not your usual typical bar, which to me usually just seems to be tables, chairs, yeah some candles here and there blah blah… it felt edgy and absorbing! Tell you this much, the cocktail menu was on the ceiling, I wouldn’t say looking at it was particularly convenient, but it definitely gave us something to laugh about! 

But I won’t bore you with the interior of the bar, as I’m not particularly into that, but I definitely appreciate these little details in my every day life!…..However, cocktails on the other hand….Now That is right up my street! I ❤ cocktails!

And I would definitely recommend this bar! Make sure your friends all get something different from you, that way you can have a little taste of everything to figure out what you’re next move will be…yes we have to be strategic about this! Lol

I had the ‘ten of hearts’, I believe that was what it was called…it was De-Lush-ous! It was basically a blend of every single type of berry you can think of! I literally wanted to grab a spoon and scoop up all the goodness after!…It was just the right mix, not to strong and perfectly fruity!…Another I would recommend is the raspberry martini, a bit too strong for me, but definitely yummy!…I think what I particularly enjoyed about their cocktails, was that with every sip or every straw, you were left with a mouth full of fruit…..almost like a smoothie….a slushie drink….whatever you like to call it!

The cocktails looked amazing, the staff were cocktail-pros, the setting was interestingly different….all in all it was Lush!

P.S. Drink Responsibly!

Cocktails! 'Ten of hearts' is the red jam jar!

Cocktails! ‘Ten of hearts’ is the red jam jar!



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